Solutions for Groups

Group Benefits

Group Insurance is an insurance plan that protects a group of people’s financial security in one or more ways, such as offering low-cost life insurance or a dental plan for the self-employed. A group can be members of an association, a municipality, employees of an organization, or professionals in a group such as lawyers or doctors.

Whether you are seeking new coverage or if you have existing group coverage, we are dedicated to providing your company with excellent value and service. A one stop shop to research, plan and educate, negotiate with insurers and manage your program. As an independent advisor, we have access to all insurers and their products. This will assist in finding the best fit for your organization. We take into consideration fair and appropriate pricing, front line service and technology solutions for both the plan administrators and your employee population.

MB Secure Financial provides the benefit plan services that you need. We will identify with your company and become involved in your business to ensure the success of your benefit program. We will educate you on benefit options including funding arrangements, provide industry insights and help you understand the unique needs of your employees. We will also help you and your employees understand any value added products, benefits or services offered by your insurer. These are often overlooked and can be quite impactful. For example, do you know what free wellness tools are available with your insurer?

Group Retirement

Saving for retirement is a key focus for employees. We will assist our clients to:

  • Select the retirement vehicle and plan design that is consistent with their corporate philosophy, financial objectives and needs of their employees.
  • Survey the market for the most appropriate provider.
  • Arrange and host member seminars to review economic outlook and retirement considerations.
  • Review information kits and customer service options and select appropriate investment options.
  • Semi-annual review of investment performance and service delivery.
  • Individual employee consultation at retirement.